Pressure Washing





-Improve your property's curb appeal – Dirt, fungi, tree litter, sap, organics & other environmental factors make hard surfaces look old and dingy. The Stain Pros will clean your hard surfaces beatifying the front driveway, entrance, back patio or other outdoor spaces.


-Increase the safety & reduce the liability of your property – Mold, mildew, lichens and moss growth on walking surfaces become become slippery when wet, creating a hazard for you, your family and for pets. This can also create a legal liability if people were to be injured on your property.

The Stain Pros will use the appropriate cleansers and equipment for your specific situation to kill & remove these stubborn fungi making your surfaces safer.


-Prepare your home to sell or rent - When selling your largest investment, you want the highest price you can get. Cleaning hard surfaces of contaminates not only makes the property more appealing, it is also a sales incentive for a seller to use as a closing tool.

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