Lawn Painting





Lawn Painting , also called Turf Painting or Grass Painting has many benefits such as...


-Beautifies and provides instant curb appeal for brown or dormant grass.

-It helps with HOA compliance during drought or watering restrictions.

-Beautifies and assists homeowners and realtors in the selling process.

-Reduces overall costs by using less resources such as water, fertilizer and other chemicals.

-Requires less upkeep, reducing lawn maintenance cost and freeing up valuable time.


-We only uses professional lawn paint made from organic non-toxic pigments and biodegradable ingredients like natural clay. It takes about 24 hours before the lawn is ready to use. Once these paints are dry they become colorfast, so they won't rub off on you or your pets. Since they wont wash off in the rain or snow they won’t contaminate the watershed.


-These lawn paints are very durable and will usually last between 2 - 3 months before a reapplication is needed. In Texas this should be enough time to make it through winter until the spring. However, this will depend on how fast the grass grows and how often it's mowed.


-Lawn paints can actually help to green up the grass in the winter and spring because it absorbs more heat when the grass is darker.


-Before we apply the first application, the lawn will need to be mowed to prepare for turf painting.


-The Stain Pros uses the highest quality professional lawn paints to ensure consistent coverage and professional finish.

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