Deck Staining





-A properly stained fence will not only beautify your wood deck, it will preserve and protect your investment, reduce maintenance and increase the value of your outdoor spaces.


-Horizontal surfaces of decks are susceptible to water and water penetration allowing  subsequent rotting or splitting. Mold, mildew, lichens and moss growth can trap additional water against the wood causing additional damage on these horizontal surfaces.


-These fungi become slippery when wet, creating a hazard for you, your family and for pets. This can also create a legal liability issue if people were to be injured on your property. Because of this, deck stains will often contain mildewcides, to aid in the prevention of mold growth.


-Decks are also susceptible to food and industrial oil & grease stains around BBQ's and kitchens. We have the expertise to remove these difficult stains to allow for proper stain application.


-If required, we use the appropriate strippers to remove existing latex or oil stains which have failed, preparing the surface for additional cleaning and restoration.

After cleaning and restoration, decks are then sanded to remove any residual stain, splinters, fuzz and smooth the wood before staining.


-The Stain Pros uses the highest quality professional stains and equipment to ensure consistent coverage and professional finish.

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