Cleaning & Restoration





-Cleaning and restoration is necessary to properly remove contaminates and remove bleached and decomposed wood. This allows the stain to properly penetrate the wood fibers for a proper adhesion and longevity.


-The Stain Pros will use the appropriate cleansers for your specific situation to clean and/or restore and brighten your fence to like new condition. If the outdoor structure is not properly prepared, the contaminates or wood fibers will slowly fall off causing uneven pigment coverage & early stain failure.

We use appropriate cleansers to properly kill fungi, remove dirt, debris, loose wood fibers, and other organics then wash off the contaminates. We then use a wood brightener to lighten the wood and remove tannins and residual stains.


-The Stain Pros also provides Maintenance Cleaning to any of your outdoor spaces. Occasionally these wooden structures can become contaminated by environmental factors. We use appropriate cleansers and softwash to properly kill fungi, remove dirt, debris, and other organics, helping extend the life of your wood structures.


-Prior to cleaning, restoration or staining, sometimes fences or decks will need minor repairs performed.


-The Stain Pros has experienced professionals who can replace fence posts, pickets & stringers or even rotten or split deck boards. As long as decking is in good condition, we can also countersink any protruding deck nails or replace them with deck screws.


-The Stain Pros uses the highest quality professional cleansers and equipment to ensure excellent cleaning & restoration.

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